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ADVICE FOR PEOPLE WHO DOUBT THEIR OWN AWESOMENESS: Don’t be afraid to get "back in the saddle."

My friends and family cringe when they hear me say this. A few years ago, I took what would be my first and last horseback riding lesson. When my horse took me by surprise and bolted after another mare in the arena, I lost my grip and toppled off. I later learned the two horses had issues with one another and I happened to be in the middle of their feud. A few hours later, I ended up in the emergency room with a broken back. My riding career had been cut short. Although I will always love, and be drawn to horses, I will never ride again. So much for, “getting back on the horse.”

With the release of my latest book, Scoot Town, I can’t help but see a correlation. Scoot Town is my sixth published novel, but I haven’t been in the writing arena for a few years. I was as surprised as anyone when I started to write it because I truly thought my writing career was finished. The story burned in my brain, unrelenting, it wouldn’t allow me to quit. So I made a promise to myself that I would finish it and not even think about the publishing part. When I finished the book I knew the story had to be published. I was in love with it, so why not share? I wondered if I had the nerve to try and publish. What was I afraid of? The universe was about to let me know.

One night, I had a dream about a black horse. He was huge, with the shiniest, most gleaming coat I’d ever seen. In the dream, I was at a horse ranch and met with a 60-something woman with short blond hair. I was there for my next lesson as I’d already had one with her previously, and I told her I couldn’t believe I’d actually ridden a horse again. I told her the story of my horse fall, and she explained that it wasn’t unheard of and most riders take it in stride. She remained unconcerned that I was about to take my next ride as we made our way toward the towering steed. I panicked thinking I was about to get on a horse again. The woman remained adamant that it was just my old fear and that everything would be alright. The dream ended before I got on the horse. Whew!


I believe this was a message about fear of publishing my work again. It hit home because the next day I published the book in e-book format on Amazon KDP. What a rush of freedom and relief! My confidence burst through the coral gates at full speed and I haven’t looked back.

Since the release of Scoot Town, I’ve received so much encouragement and support from the writing community. I have no fear left and can’t wait to see what the next “ride” brings.

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