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ASIN# B0846S33ZW
Scoot Town


A town threatened by its past.​

Nick Bernard’s werewolf instincts kick-in when an ancient creature terrorizes his home town of Wood Haven. He fears a centuries-old evil has awakened to take its revenge, putting him and those he loves directly in its path. As the entity's power grows, Nick is forced to confront his past and accept his place as a cold-blooded killer.


Natural-born witch, Holly Pratt, struggles to find the meaning behind the overwhelming dark feeling haunting her. She refuses to give credence to the rumors of a town curse, but when blood-seeking corpses take over her beloved Scoot Town, she is forced to acknowledge the danger is real. Determined to fight the demon from her past, she joins forces with long-time friend, Nick Bernard, to confront the ancient evil that could destroy them all.


Elder clanswoman, Nan Marquette, has lived alone without fear in her woodland home for decades, until now. Her tormented dreams and visions have her on guard against an unseen, yet familiar foe, and she fears the town may not survive the treacherous soul who seeks to destroy them. Joining Nick and Holly, Nan must face the horrific evil and hope her clan magic will be enough.

Invisible Shield Image.jpg
Invisible Shield


Homicide Detective Lindsay Frost’s calendar has been cleared. Permanently. When Lindsay discovers a dead body in her bathtub, she is surprised to find it is her ow corpse. As she witnesses her partner, Gerard Alvarez, and the crime team working the scene, she is appalled to learn that the death has been staged as a suicide. Determined to clear her name, she must solve her own murder.

Devastated by her older sister’s death, police officer Kate Frost sees their good-natured competition come to an end. Kate vows to find Lindsay’s killer in part to bring closure, and because it’s a task her sister is unable to do herself. The sibling rivalry is unexpectedly resurrected when Lindsay’s ghost convinces Kate to work with her on the case. The two sisters partner up against malevolent human and paranormal forces that threaten to end both of their worlds.

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Shield of Duty Image.jpg
Shield of Duty


Homicide Detective Lindsay Frost is still on duty. The fact that she’s dead is a minor detail. Since her death, Lindsay has learned the true meaning of R.I.P. as her time on the other side has proven a Real Interesting Place. Her sister Kate’s ability to see and hear her has been Lindsay’s last connection with life as she used to know it. As Kate goes off on her annual ski trip with her former college buddies, Lindsay discovers a renewed sense of duty in solving mysterious deaths in her new environment. When Kate is kidnapped, Lindsay finds herself in a race against time, having to choose between saving her sister’s life and preventing the one act that will unleash chaos into the afterlife.

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