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HOW AN AUTHOR IS BORN (My literacy plug)

Most children aspire to become something exciting or familiar such as a doctor, fire fighter, teacher, or sports figure. It is probably rare that a child sets his or her sights on becoming author. So, how do we go from playing in the sandbox, to writing 90,000 word novels? I believe the desire to pen stories is something we’re born with; perhaps launched into action by events that lead to a profound take on life that drive us to share.

For me, the journey started with my love of reading. My mom read to me starting at a very young age, igniting a desire to learn to read for myself. In first grade, “See Dot run,” was exciting stuff! I can still see the pages of my first grade reader, and feel the thrill of turning those pages to see what would come next. By the time I hit my early teens, my ravenous appetite for reading had me on a weekly jaunt to the local grocery store to stand drooling in front of the paperback racks. No regrets, it was an allowance well-spent.

As time went on, I dabbled in writing short stories of my own which became just as gratifying. Suddenly, my inner author was born! I was one of the fortunate ones as my early experience with reading was a positive one, and so it was easy to carry it forward. Not everyone is that fortunate today, and it breaks my heart to hear of anyone who is illiterate. That shouldn’t even be a thing in today’s society, let alone in America, but it is. If you ever get the chance to support literacy, please do so. Everyone should have access to the expansive, fulfilling world of reading available to them.

I hope someday everyone on the planet will know the pleasure of a good read. I also hope that Dot and Jim get a new book cover, and maybe sequel. Who knows, I might even be the one to write it? Dot and Jim are now adults with children of their own who all know how to read. Dot is a Plutonium physicist and Jim is a stay at home Dad. The point is, they both need reading to do their jobs. But I digress. I can’t help it, I like a happy ending.

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